Interface BotInfo


  • BotInfo


avatar?: string

The avatar hash of the bot's avatar

bannerUrl?: string

The URL for the banner image

certifiedBot: boolean

The certified status of the bot

date: string

The date when the bot was approved (in ISO 8601)

defAvatar: string

The cdn hash of the bot's avatar if the bot has none

discriminator: string

The discriminator of the bot

donatebotguildid: string

The guild id for the donatebot setup

github?: string

The link to the github repo of the bot

guilds: string[]

The guilds featured on the bot page

id: string

The id of the bot

invite?: string

The custom bot invite url of the bot

lib: string

The library of the bot


longdesc: string

The long description of the bot. Can contain HTML and/or Markdown

monthlyPoints: number

The amount of upvotes the bot has this month

owners: string[]

The owners of the bot. First one in the array is the main owner

points: number

The amount of upvotes the bot has

prefix: string

The prefix of the bot

shortdesc: string

The short description of the bot

support?: string

The support server invite code of the bot

tags: string[]

The tags of the bot

username: string

The username of the bot

vanity?: string

The vanity url of the bot

website?: string

The website url of the bot

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